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Working with us

Foreign language translations delivered
on time and on budget

Prices and Payment
When producing a quote we will require a sample, or preferably the entire document, which can be sent to us by fax, email, or as a disk or hard copy by post. To process your payment we need full invoicing details, including contact names, company, website, phone and billing address.

Document Formats
Whilst we normally receive documents via email as Microsoft Word attachments, we can accept a wide variety of formats. If you have other requirements then please let us know and we will cater for this.

We will always agree the deadline with you beforehand and deliver the translation at or before it. Whilst our service is extremely efficient, we well know that sometimes translations have an added urgency. When time is of the premium we can provide an express service in which you could receive your finished translation within a matter of hours. Please contact one of our project managers for more details.

At 1st Translation we pride ourselves on our consummate professionalism. During the translation process we may have to contact you. However, we will only do so if strictly necessary: we will always attempt to resolve any translation issues in-house before doing so.

Strictly Confidential
Your documents are completely safe with us. We will never disclose any information to third party/parties. Original documents are destroyed within one month of translation delivery unless requested otherwise. We are happy to sign – if you so wish – a confidentiality agreement or NDA.

We can deliver your translations in a variety of formats, from emailed Microsoft Word documents and PDFs etc. We deliver hard copies of documents all over the world and can arrange for specialised courier delivery, if requested. We offer free collection and delivery of all documents within London.